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Badell and The Quest To Destroy The NFL

July 25, 2008

WARNING: This article will be full of annoying rants, what we think are funny pictures but are probably not, and a slight bit of news. Why are we warning you? No good reason.

Adam Schefter a former writer for the Denver Post, now NFL Network wrote that Brandon Marshall who recently met with Roger Goodell may face a 4-8 game suspension, even though he was not convicted. Yeah it sucks.

As you know this would be a huge blow for us. He is our best playmaker on the offensive side of the ball and Jay Cutler’s favorite target.

“You are always concerned any time the commissioner calls you in to have a meeting,” Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said at his Thursday press conference. “It’s obviously not a good sign.”

Now for my rant. Roger Goodell is a crazy. I do not think it is right to suspend Marshall for more than 2 games without a conviction. He faces more controversy than any commissioner should.  The NFL may be a business but I don’t think he cares about football at all. He just wants some more money. Why? He is obsessed with getting a wider audience through international games.

Guess what? Most international countries don’t care about football in the least bit. So why are we making our only fans in America just get angry? Money! That is all Goodell cares about.

This is the NFL (National Football League) not the IFL (International Football League). If the Bills move to Canada it is not like Goodell is going to deny it. It makes him more money and gives the NFL a better rep to other countries.

Besides that he is an idiot in other ways. You should not suspend a player that long if they have never been convicted. That is asking for trouble.

If one day he suspends a player for a season and he is cleared on all charges then Goodell will be sorry. You do not want to suspend a player because they hang out with the wrong crowd. That is a life choice that should not be a part of Goodell’s job.

As long as they are not doing anything bad themselves he should not suspend them. I would not personally do so if I were them. But if that is what they choose, so be it. Roger Goodell should get the hell out of their business when it comes to things like that.

As long as they are not doing anything wrong themselves than I personally don’t care who their friends are. Newsflash Goodell. You are not their mother. You are just some stupid commissioner. 

Finally of course I have never seen anybody handle cheating worse than this man. Spygate was a wreck. After that he should have been fired immediately. Who the heck throws away evidence that could prove that Belichick cheated in the Super Bowl. You do not know what could be in that proof and nobody I thought would be stupid enough to do so.

Goodell obviously is a money obsessed, pesky, idiotic commish who does not deserve to be in the NFL. I think that it is great that he wants to clean up the NFL but if he is going to, I want him to do it right. Goodell in my mind is a stupid, crazy man who never ceases to amaze me.

They are even planning a documentary for what he has done so far in his career. 😉 Here is the movie poster:


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