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A Tribute To Rod Smith

July 24, 2008

Rod Smith has been on the Broncos as long as I have been a fan. I actually became a Broncos fan about one year after he came into the league. Before that I was believe it or not a Chiefs fan. But there is something about that euphoria towards the Denver Broncos. When I lived in Denver I saw that and was hooked. It was like an unhealthy addiction towards the Broncos.

So I can not remember a time I was cheering for the Broncos without Rod Smith. He was never even really my favorite player. But he was always there. You loved him and now that he is gone you feel like you are missing something. This abides by the statement that you never know what you have until it is gone. I don’t think anyone appreciated him this much no matter how much you loved him until now we are playing without him.

Smith played 13 seasons and since he technically was on last years roster, he played 14. It feels like it has been a lot longer. Rod in his career totaled 849 receptions, 11,389 yards and 68 touchdowns. Not bad. Not bad at all. 8 of those seasons he had 1,000 yards or more. He was no joke when it came to yardage.

Rod was blessed with one of the greatest QB’s ever. John Elway he only played with two seasons. But until Rod Smith started at WR we had never won a Super Bowl. The first year he played we won and the second year we won again. There is reasoning to believe that Rod Smith was the key addition we needed to win the Super Bowl finally. It was until John Elway retired that he did not win a Super Bowl.

Even with Brian Griese he had 1,000 yard seasons every year. With a player like Griese that is harder than it may seem. He did it with Jake Plummer multiple seasons as well. Though he never did have one with Jay Cutler at QB. Instead for those years he was a leader.

Rod Smith was a leader and an influence. He would work with players in camp despite his injuries. He would give them direction with their careers. He has worked with Javon Walker, Brandon Marshall, Brandon Stokley etc. They have all had amazing seasons with him as a mentor. Smith worked with them with life skills and playing skills. Both important in the NFL.

Rod Smith is a player who will live in the hearts of Broncos fans forever and ever. Yesterday he announced his retirement but along with that he went into a meeting with Brandon Marshall and Roger Goodell. It will be about Marshall’s future in the NFL. The reason Smith was in it was not known. Maybe it will give us one last way to remember him. We already have many reasons.


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