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July 21, 2008

Bronco Madness is as always bringing you the best source for Denver Broncos news and opinions. But now I am bringing the Madness on another site. This time it is dedicated to the NFL. You may have heard of it before. BETWEEN THE LACES!

Between The Laces is my NFL blog which has become the definitive source for NFL News. Why am I telling you this now? Because we have just finished a series of Bold Predictions for the entire NFL. So head on over to Between The Laces. 

To see all the predictions together just click on Regular Season under Categories on the sidebar. There they will all be waiting for you to read and enjoy! Here are just a couple of the predictions:

Broncos will go 10-6.

Browns will still have the worst uniforms in the NFL.

Colts will be first in the AFC.

Chad Johnson will catch for 1,200 yards.


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