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Bell & Hartley To Be Released

July 21, 2008

Running Back Mike Bell wasn’t feeling that great about his future with the Denver Broncos. He told Gary Miller earlier today that he did not feel well about his job security. It made sense due to the fact that he was going into a meeting with Mike Shanahan today. 

The meeting also included Jim Goodman who is the Director of Player Personnel. He was cut this morning and I have to say I am a bit sad about this.

Bell rushed for 680 yards on 163 carries with eight touchdowns in 20 games as a Bronco. I always had a soft spot for Bell and was a bit angry when Selvin young took away the backup spot from him. Though everything did work out in the end. 

This may be good though for Bell. This will give him a better chance to play on another team even with the grat free agent Running Backs out there.

Though more than that I am livid at the fact that we cut Garrett Hartley! I loved this kid and thought that he was head and heels above Matt Prater. Prater I do not think deserves to start and I am so angry that Hartley is leaving us.

Bad move Shanny. Bad move. I wish the best of luck to both of these players and hope they find happy homes with other teams. 

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