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A Successful Outing

July 15, 2008

I know it is not big news to anyone right now but as you can tell finding things to write about for the blog is harder than it looks. This is of course due to the fact that news is moving as slow as a Warren Sapp 40 yard dash after a cheeseburger and milkshake. 

But I thought I might share with you a football related event that made my day a bit brighter. Some people may not know, actually nobody on the blog knows that I am a huge card collector. I collect lots of Baseball cards but of course Football cards are my main love. 

So I go to Target which is my favorite place because they have all the new card sets, special box sets, and somewhat strange collections of cards to buy. I highly recommend it if you do not live anywhere near a specialty card store. 

I weave my way through the large collection of Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Webkinz, and Shining Star cards and find myself at a tiny little section with football cards. (Society and it’s commercialism sometimes scares me). 😉 I see one of those card collections with all the old and new cards sitting right in front of me. 75 old and new cards for only $4.00.

I quickly grabbed the only one left before anyone else could. If you have ever seen these things, they show 4 or so cards that you will get which is how I make my decision on what to buy. There was on the front right side a Thomas Jones card from 2007. On the front left side a pack of cards from 2005 with Peyton Manning on the cover. Topps Total I think. On the back right is LaMont Jordan. At this point I am debating over whether to get this or just a $20.00 Topps 2008 Box Set. But finally on the bottom left is a Warren Moon card. SCORE!

I am a huge Warren Moon fan and think he is one of the greatest QB’s ever. So I take the $4.00 risk and buy the pack. I thought that if all I got was a Warren Moon card I would still have a $50.00 card for only $4.00 with a couple more to spare. Besides the chances that out of 75 old cards I would only get one good one was pretty low. 

Though Fairfield (that is the company that collects these things) had served me well in the past. Once I got a rookie Michael Strahan, a John Elway, and Joe Montana all in one pack. So I sit down at home unload the cards, Windex, and bread I bought from Target and began to open my cards. I swear that plastic is stable and tough to get off and I was there 5 minutes trying to take off the plastic with my teeth, scissors. and a kitchen knife. Good thing I didn’t damage any of my cards. 

I took out my Warren Moon card and put it in a place of honor with my other all time great QB’s. Those include Joe Montana, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Steve Young, and Len Dawson cards. Surprisingly I still have not ever gotten a Tom Brady card of any way, shape of form. 

I go through my first few cards and do not find much success. But I stumble upon a Warren Sapp Buccaneers card. I set it down relieved that I had found some more success. Though following that I found Broncos Ring of Famer Karl Mecklenburg. I was exited even more when I found a Pro Bowl Eric Allen Eagles card. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he was a five time Pro Bowler who totaled 54 Interceptions in his career.

My next partially fun card was Rich Gannon. Though he found success with the Raiders I still have some respect for Gannon as he played for the Vikings, the Chiefs, and the Redskins for years before his Super Bowl run. I then opened up one of the two packs in the case. There was not much in the Topps Total pack but I did find an Ed Reed and a Michael Turner/Darren Sproles card. For some reason I skipped over a Sammy Winder card for a little while. Sammy was a Denver Broncos in the 80’s who held the teams rushing record for a few years.

I opened up the second. I felt the tin foil and was surprised to see it was an old Pacific card pack. I had had great times with this card pack when I was younger. It was a 1992 pack which brought back an even greater memory of the Glance for Griese contest where they had put a select few Bob Griese cards in their packs and left us to look for them. I never found one after opening about 60 packs of cards. I looked at the cover again and saw Glance For Griese. My eyes lit up. Maybe I would have a chance again. I looked at the first card, no Griese. Though I loved the smooth feel of the cards that only Pacific could bring. 

My second card was Bob Griese. “Well that took only 16 years,” I said to myself. I quickly put it in a casing and threw it in my closet where the light could not get to it. Finally I found a nice Donavan McNabb card and yes a Ray Crockett card. You know the two time Super Bowl winning Bronco. Except on this card he is a Detroit Lion.

I began putting all my cards (besides Griese) in my book to show them off. It over all had been quite a successful outing. I had gotten about a $100.00 value for only $4.00. Wait until a couple of years from now when half of those players are in the Hall of Fame if they are not already. My legendary QB collection sure grew after that trip to Target.

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