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I Really Shouldn’t Find This Funny

July 14, 2008

Don’t mess with Ryan Clady people. He may seem soft spoken on the football field but it seems he does like to do some talking on the softball field.

First of all I find trouble trying to picture Clady in a softball uniform.The Boise State Broncos held a charity offense vs. defense softball game Saturday. Guess what, Clady was ejected from the game!

Times News wrote:

Hamdan hit a grand slam in the bottom of the third inning, but that was not the highlight of the third. That honor went to Ryan Clady, a first-round NFL draft pick the Denver Broncos this spring. Clady was tossed from the game by the umpire after arguing a close call at first base. Speedy receiver Austin Pettis beat out the throw to first and Clady came out of the dugout bumping the ump and trying to pull first base out of the ground.

Earlier in the game Clady came out to console Shawn Bingham, who was charged with an error playing first base.

“One of our players just doesn’t know what he’s doing out there,” Clady joked between innings. “If he can’t make it, he’ll just have to be replaced.”

The game was not devoid of trash talk between the two units, which repeatedly taunted each other with often comical and near-tragic results.

I kind of enjoy this and think that the humor level of this is really high. I just hope he will not get ejected from a real NFL game.

This is really funny!


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