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Broncos Blogger Awards! Day 4 Finale

July 12, 2008

Welcome to the finale of the Broncos Blogger Awards! Not only will we give out awards to two basic blog categories but also give the Most Outstanding Broncos Blog Award. Congratulations to anyone who has won so far and we wish you all luck again. You know the rules so lets begin!

First we will give out the award for best Broncos newspaper blog. This goes to the newspaper site that we think covers the Broncos the best and most respectfully. The finalists are the Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News. The winner is:

!!!!!The Rocky Mountain News!!!!!

Next we are giving the award for best Broncos forum/blog. This goes out to what we believe is the best Broncos forum on the web. The finalists are: Broncos Forums and The Orange Mane. The winner is:

!!!!!The Orange Mane!!!!!

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for all week… THE MOST OUTSTANDING BRONCOS BLOG! This goes to the best Broncos blog. Period. The finalists are The Mile High Report and BroncoTalk. The winner is:


Thats all guys! It has been a fun experience getting to give out these awards and we can’t wait to do it next year. Congrats to all who won or were nominated. Especially BroncoTalk who won 3 awards one of the Most Outstanding Broncos Blog. Thanks everybody!


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