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Poll Of The Week Recap

July 7, 2008

Hey guys! We are here to close last weeks poll. To recap the question was about whether you thought Brandon Marshall was really trying to change. Here were the results.

40% of you thought he was changing. 27% said he wasn’t. 20% said he might be. 0% said you had no idea. Finally 13% of you did not know who Brandon Marshall was. Either you are new to the site, stupid, or were trying to be funny.

This weeks poll is all about Centers. A little while ago I did a post about the position battle we are facing at that position and the position in general. Here it is:

Centers never get any credit, they simply get the blame when they mess up. Centers are very rarely glorified and when they do something amazing or good nobody pays any attention to it. But when they do something wrong suddenly they are the #1 most hated man on the team.

But the position of Center is a key component of an offense. Who is the guy that snaps the ball? Who is the biggest most upfront player on the line? Who is the key to a successful special teams play in so many different ways? All of these answers are Center and yet no respect.

But I am here to finally talk about the Centers because believe it or not they are in the Broncos news right now more than any other position. If you don’t know already, here is what is going on:

Starting Center Tom Nalen will be out for 2 to 3 weeks due to knee surgery on some torn cartilage in his left knee.

4th round pick Kory Lichtensteiger is recovering from surgery to repair a torn abrum in his right shoulder. He has only been in mental reps so far but is making progress.

Casey Wiegmann is currently holding down the position as the other two recover.

It may not sound like it but this is one of the biggest position battles on the Broncos in years. Lets lay out how it looks right now. You have your experienced, highly tenured, Center of the past, Tom Nalen.

Backing him up you have the also experienced Casey Wiegmann who still has a few years left in him. This will be his first year with the Broncos and he is right now the starter while the other two are gone.

To follow them up you have the 4th round pick, rookie, and yet highly talented possible star of the future, Kory Lichtensteiger. He has not entered camp yet after still recovering from an injury.

I love Tom Nalen’s swagger and always have. He is truly one of the greatest Centers ever and I think could possibly make a comeback. If he recovers and plays his heart out, he will probably be out starter at Center.

On the other hand Casey Wiegmann at this point looks really good in camp and could be a great choice for the position. Watch out for him to really make an impact.

Kory is a great player but I don’t see him boding well in this battle. You don’t want to come in to your first season with and injury and he did just that. He is a good player but we have to other choices who are just as good if not better.

This forgotten battle will be close but I think that Wiegmann will win over the job. I just don’t think that Nalen will be able to play with all these injuries.

The question is of course who do you think will start at Center? Your choices consist of Kory Lichtensteiger, Tom Nalen, or Casye Wiegmann. So begin to vote!


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