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July 3, 2008

BroncoTalk’s Kyle Montgomery who we are a big fan of over here posted an article about whether you would have or would you have not wanted to have John Elway returning in 2001. Of course it segues into modern day times where there are rumors of Brett Favre’s comeback.

So, Brett Favre has reportedly decided to un-retire.  Major shocker there.  However, the mixed reaction from some football fans, even Packers fans, got me thinking. If the tables were turned, would you want our Hall of Fame quarterback returning?  Would you welcome John Elway’s sudden return from retirement?

Without a doubt, in 1999, there wasn’t a single Broncos fan out there who wouldn’t give his right leg to see Ol’ Number 7 walk back out to the football field.  These days, Elway’s 10 years older, and without a doubt couldn’t do the same things he could back then.  My hunch is most fans would rather see Jay Cutler continue his development into a potential star rather than seeing a 48-year old Elway likely struggle out there.

So let’s use the year 2001 as our hypothetical… Brian Griese just completed a Pro Bowl season with a QB rating over 100, and John Elway suddenly announces his un-retirement.  He wants to play, and he wants to play for the Broncos or be traded.


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