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Watley Fires Back!

June 27, 2008

I would like to start this article with an unrelated link. One of my articles has been put on the front page of the Mile High Report. Mile High Report is a great site and I highly recommend it for both fans and professional opinions.

But more to the point Rasheedah Watley, Brandon Marshall’s ex-girlfriend who he is being charged with abuse from fired back with her lawyers. 

One of her two lawyers, David McGill quoted that “His story that he has been a victim is as pathetic as the story that he slipped on a McDonald’s bag and injured his arm. Hopefully, he will be as eager to tell his story in a court of law, under oath, as he has been in the media.”

Nice use of the McDonalds bag incident David. Thats not sneaky at all. 😉

He also told the Denver Post “We find it disturbing Mr. Marshall has denied physically abusing this young lady. We have plenty of evidence to corroborate the history of physical abuse.”

Though my questions about this woman raised even more when you read her two lawyers histories. McGill is the attorney for Rachelle Washington (Randy Moss’s ex) who is demanding money for mental and physical harm.

Her other lawyer Mark Issa may even be more disturbing. He represented the Mansion Madam last year. If you want to know about that click here.

But I have one more question for Ms. Watley. How on earth do you spell your name?! I am serious!!! I have heard it spelled like 5 different ways. Here are the links so I can prove it to you. 

Bronco Talk

Pro Football Talk

Denver Post

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