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Brandon Marshall Discusses Arrest With FOX 31

June 26, 2008

Yesterday news was broken that Brandon Marshall was arrested in March. So he decided to sit down with FOX 31 and discuss his arrest. 

Marshall stood adamant that he had never been abusive towards Rasheeda Watley in their relationship together. He said to FOX that he told her “it’s time to move on and for me to move on and her exact words were I’m going to ruin you. So now it’s to the point where she is full steam ahead.”

FOX also talked to Marshall and his lawyer about Watley and her aggression not to mention the fact that she would ask for money in exchange for her silence. 

“We have a letter that was sent to him and the Broncos in 06 where there is a demand for 500,000 dollars. In exchange for the 500,000 dollars there is a promise of confidentiality.” The two told FOX 31. “If you’re a victim of a crime you’re a victim of a crime. You can’t say give me 100,000 dollars and I won’t tell the police.

When asked why he didn’t leave Watley when so many conflicts approached them, he quoted “I tried to leave…

I tried to walk out the house [and] everytime I tried to walk out the house she tries to yell and scream in the streets.”

Marshall said that he knew that his past DUI made him look bad in this situation even though he said that he never laid a hand on her. “It’s time for me to grow up” he told FOX.

But he did have a message for his fans: “I can look you guys in the eyes or the camera, or I can tell you guys I am a good person. Like I said before, if you ever see me in the grocery store or the movie theater, you can always stop and talk to me.”

I can’t believe this but I actually believe him. I know that there were noticeable marks on Watleys face but for all we know she could of put them on herself. Maybe I am crazy and in denial but there is something fishy to her story. 

Somehow I feel that he is telling the truth. Again, I am probably just a sucker but this is interesting. You never know who is telling the truth in a story like this but I will be interested to see how this whole thing pans out. Check out the site for any other updates I may have on the story. 

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  1. LOL permalink
    June 26, 2008 9:55 AM

    You’re kidding me right?! You actually believe this guy? I guess you are right…You ARE a sucker! Damn BRONCO FANS!

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