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Brandon Marshall Arrested In March

June 25, 2008

You know, I would be more angry if this wasn’t the past. But in March it turned out that Brandon Marshall was arrested in Atlanta. Though let me tell you one thing, I can not be the only one who is disappointed with this. 

Marshall’s girlfriend, Rasheeda Watley, filed a complaint in Fulton County, Georgia against Marshall on March 5, claiming that Marshall struck her in the mouth and left eye. The complaints stated that there were “visible marks above the eye and a laceration on her top and bottom lip.”

Here is the bad news. Marshall may be suspended by the personal conduct policy now. Because of his stupid off the field antics he is making himself and more importantly the franchise look bad.

But the Broncos claimed that they and the NFL knew about this and were looking into it. But when did they know about it? This raises questions on whether the NFL will suspend him or not. Noto mention the fact on whether Marshall reported the arrest to us or not.

That could be a major factor into how sever the punishment would be.

Currently Brandon Marshall is already in jeopardy because of an injury earlier in March after wrestling with his bother. I’m sure that you all remember the McDonalds bag incident.

Marshall has quite a rap sheet right now and us at Bronco madness are pulling for him not to get suspended. I believe that he is trying to make a change with his life. So now it is your turn to duke it out in the comments.

To See Marshall’s Rap Sheet Click Here


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