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Jeff Winters Joining Bronco Madness Team

June 14, 2008

Hey Broncos fans everywhere!!! Bronco Madness as always is trying to give you the best scoop in the Denver Broncos world. To make it even better, we are bringing blogger Jeff Winters to the team. Jeff runs a blog known as the The Official Raider Hater Nation Blog. It gives you a look of the Broncos arch rivals and their many quirks.

He is an amazing writer who is both adored by Broncos fans everywhere and with a blog like his, hated by raiders fans. We are glad that he is joining Sonny and myself. Watch out for our new column with him known as the Triangular Table where he, Sonny, and I will debate over all sorts of Broncos news. So watch out for Jeff Winters on Bronco Madness!

The Official Raider Hater Nation Blog


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