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Bi-Weekly Injury Report & Analysis

June 10, 2008

From now on Bronco Madness will supply you with the team injury report every two weeks. It will give you the injuries and then tell you how they will affect the team and or player as well. Here is the injury report for the week of June 9th.

6/2/08: TE, Chad Mustard, Hamstring

After only being on a reserve and playing 12 games this will not have too much of an effect. It will not last too long and it will not effect the team too much. The player doesn’t leave that big of an impact on the team when he is healthy. So if he is injured it won’t matter as much.

5/29/08: CB, Dre’ Bly, Hamstring

Let me explain this to you in simple terms: Not that big of an impact on the team. MONSTER impact on the player. According to sources Domonique Foxworth is pushing on Bly for the number 2 CB spot. This means that this will give Foxworth a golden opportunity to steal the job from Bly. Since that means that Foxworth will be a good replacement it won’t affect the team that much.

5/22/08: TE, Tony Scheffler, Foot

This is the only injury on the player that could have a big impact on the team. Tony had a slow start to the season but eventually he was able to get back into form. We do not want this to happen with this foot injury or else the TE spot might not be as strong.

4/11/08 LB, Warrick Holdman, Spinal Cord

There will be no effect at all on us. He is good player and I really like him but the chances that this would hurt us are absolutely ZERO.

3/26/08 WR, Brandon Marshall, Arm

We all know what happened here and we also know that for now he is recovering well and it should not affect us or him. There is no way he will lose his starting job and I like what we see from him always. Don’t worry about his absence hurting the team or us. To see his progress, check out a Bronco Madness article on it.

Click Here For Article

overall we will not see too many problems due to injuries but don’t worry because we will catch up with this in about 2 weeks so hold on tight.

  1. oaklandnation permalink
    June 10, 2008 10:06 AM

    Great analysis I strongly agree.

  2. June 10, 2008 12:14 PM

    thanks oaklandnation

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