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We Are Starting To Look Real Good

June 1, 2008

Training camp looks really good and I feel that we have made huge strides this off-season. Some of the new veterans and rookies added this year could make huge impacts. Let’s go over some of my favorite new players who could make a huge difference this year.

1. Ryan Clady: He has already garnished a nickname from his teammates (Ryan “Sweetfeet” Clady) and seems to be a star of the future. Clady has been one of my favorite players since college and I can’t wait to see him play.

2. Darrell Jackson: He was a star in Seattle but when he left to San Francisco he faced an unstable offense. He did not know who his QB would be and had a terrible time. Jackson is out of San Francisco and is now a Denver Bronco. He looks like he will line up with Brandon Marshall and has so far been great in QB camp.

3. Niko Koutovides: Everybody doubts him but for now I don’t. He seems really powerful and I like his tough principles. He has the skills to hold the starting MLB position. I don’t think he will be a star but he will do just fine for now.

4. Boss Bailey: Though the one defensive player I like more than Koutovides is Bailey. As Champs brother he adds a good feeling to the locker room along with loads of talent on the field.

5. Eddie Royal: I am not sure how much I like him as a WR but as a Kick Returner he shows shades of Devin Hester in his plays. He has all the necessary skills for the position with more to spare. Royal can make big plays and could be that guy teams are afraid to kick the ball to.

  1. LBH permalink
    June 17, 2008 6:33 PM

    I read that Webster was getting the 1st team work at MLB in mini camp? I wouldnt fall too much in love with Djax. I always thought his production was a product of a nice sysytem and very good QB in Seattle. I saw him drop a lot of catchable balls. Boss Bailey could be a good player at SLB, but he needs to remain healthy. Something hes had a tough time doing over his carear. I love E.Royal. I think he will be an impact player right out of the gate, even if its just as a returner. Could be a nice long term WR2 opposite Marshall

  2. June 17, 2008 7:49 PM

    I did not hear that Webster was getting the work at MLB. He might play back up and both of them could be on the field. But besides that Djax will be great here. Our WR system is much like the one in Seattle so his production will be similar. You are right that Boss Bailey will do well on our team. But he does need to remain healthy. Royal was a great receiver in college but I think will be only an asset on Special Teams. I do not think he is a good number two receiver. In my opinion that should be Jackson. Royal is too raw for now.

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