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Breaking News On Darrent Williams Case

June 1, 2008

It was the most tragic event in Denver Broncos history. A shooting on New Years Eve. The man shot… Corner back of the future Darrent Williams. The case has been going on for a year now and the Rocky Mountain News has announced that there has been a major break in the case.

The Rocky Mountain News has found a letter believed to be connected to the Darrent Williams case. Here is the letter. WE ARE OBLIGED TO TELL YOU THAT SOME OF THE LANGUAGE USED IN THIS LETTER MAY BE FOUND HARSH AND OFFENSIVE.

Click Here For The Letter via Rocky Mountain News

The note has the signature Willie D. Clark.

Willie D. Clark was recently arrested on suspicions of drug possession and after the arrest was taken on parole violation.

In the letter it states “(The person) seen me with the gun and shoot out the whip.” Whip is slang for car. He uses in the letter also the word D-Wil which is a nickname for Darrent Williams.

The letter was intercepted by a 34 year old man who chose to remain unidentified. He spent some time with Clark at the Federal Detention Center in Littleton.

The lawyer for Clark did not comment on the letter even after seeing a copy of it.

Clark had at one time been identified as a suspect in the case but claimed to the Rocky Mountain News earlier in the case that he did not kill Williams and had no idea who did so.

He wrote “I was not involved or present”.

The killing happened the same night of the 2006 season ending loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Williams spen the night in a hummer limousine with teammates Javon Walker and Brandon Marshall.

This is the biggest break yet so far in the case and it could lead the police to find the killer of Darrent Williams.

Letter & Information disclosed via Rocky Mountain News.

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  1. Remember Williams permalink
    June 1, 2008 10:07 AM

    I really hope the guys that did this are caught and soon. That letter is intense!

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