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Thinking Outside The Box (Vol. 5)

May 6, 2008

Now it is time for some more opinionated thinking about the other teams in the NFL.

Colts: Say it ain’t so Marvin! You were probably the most respected Wide Receiver in the entire NFL and now you might have killed a man. There are not words to describe how bad this is. I could see Pacman Jones or Michael Vick or even Chris Henry doing something as terrible as this.

Bears: Cedric Benson is now a bust and a criminal. I can’t believe his excuse though. On Sports Center they said that he claimed he was not drunk. For some reason he said “thank you” to the officer at some point and afterwards they pepper sprayed them and he kept asking why they were doing that.

Packers: Well there is now one thing for sure. They will not need Brett Favre anymore. Aaron Rodgers is ready to play as a starting QB, they drafted a talented Brian Brohm, and they drafted another QB in Matt Flynn. They will be ready for next year at QB. 


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