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Former Broncos Receive Contracts

May 5, 2008

Today multiple free agent signings took place for former Denver Broncos including D.D Lewis who I happen to be a big fan of. But he was not the only one as 3 players were signed to new contracts with many different teams.

Safety Steve Cargile a former Broncos from 2007 was the first today to sign away with a different team. He signed with his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and became one of many Browns.

On the other hand a more known player from the Broncos (if you have ever played Madden 08 ) D.D Lewis signed with a new team. Well actually it was an old team due to the fact he played with them in 2006. D.D signed with the Seahawks. 

After playing with the Broncos for a grand total of 2 years Antwon Burton signed with the Bengals.  (We will check back with you when he is behind bars.) Burton played one game as a rookie with us until 2007 where he played 6 games and then was sent to the practice squad. 

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