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Spencer Larsen Possible Fullback?

May 3, 2008

This week the news broke that the Broncos were thinking of a possible position change for 6th round LB Spencer Larsen. He may possibly be transfered to the fullback position. And this is not just some speculation.

Mike Shanahan and the rest of our coaching staff said that they are seriously considering a position change for Larsen despite him being an All Pac-10 Linebacker. In a teleconference call Larsen backed up these rumors. 

He said that on Sunday’s draft Shanahan threw out that idea to him. 

Larsen did in fact play Fullback in his High School career but has not played the position since. In my opinion, this is very unlikely. 

Arkansas fullback Peyton Hillis was drafted after he gave Spencer the idea, so this seems less likely. Either way, Hillis was one of the best in the class and is very talented. I don’t think we should give him more competition. He doesn’t need that much.

So to sum it all up here it is. Cecil Sapp… You better watch out. 


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