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Wilson: “It’s All About Control”

May 3, 2008

“Umm…Jay…I hate to say this but…you’ve been diagnosed with type one diabetes,” That was what Jay Cutler’s doctor probably said. It would have explained things. The loss of weight, the weakness while lifting, and all the other miscellaneous symptoms that diabetes can bring to a pro football player. 

If you were Jay Cutler you would probably think. “What does this mean? Am I still going to be able to play football?” But then again you remember another pro QB, Wade Wilson. If you of course have an endless encyclopedic mind of the last 30 years of pro football.

Wilson played an entire 19 year career with type 1 diabetes. He never had played better. Now you probably know him as the Quarterback coach for the Dallas Cowboys. “It’s all about control,” He explained to Broncos fans and more importantly Jay Cutler. 

There was no doubt that he controlled it well. Wilson found out the same time Jay Cutler found out. Only a bit before his 3rd season. It was funny though. He had never started a game until then, where over time he became the Vikings starting QB.

So it makes us wonder, will he be even better now that he knows what his problem was? Will he have an amazing 3rd pro season? Will Jay Cutler finally become the star that he has been meant to be? 

But the truth is which both Wade and Jay know is that everything won’t be fantastic. “There’s definitely going to be ups and downs.” Wilson quoted. There is no doubt about that. Everything won’t be like something out of an episode of the Teletubbies. 

Though Wilson also had some advice. “You have to get your diabetes under control. It’s about balancing the diet, exercise and insulin shots and making the adjustments that it does take to get your body under control. Once you get that under control, it shouldn’t have any effect on your athletic abilities or the way you play quarterback.”

You can only wonder his potential now. While suffering late season diabetes symptoms, he played with better stats then Vince Young, Matt Leinert, JaMarcus Russell, and John Beck. Maybe they ought to make up some excuse for their below average play. Maybe they already have. That may be the only reason Leinert is at the top of the depth chart.

When Wade was asked about how Cutler can get back to normal he answered “Being diabetic, in a twisted kind of way, can make you a better player because of the discipline it takes to manage the disease. It’s the same discipline it takes to play quarterback in the NFL.”

So when Jay Cutler got that terrible news. He should have just laughed and said “It’s not going to stop me.”

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