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Things That We Wish Would Happen

April 26, 2008

There are some things that teams just wish would happen that never will. Here are a couple that Bronco Madness wishes would happen to the Broncos.

Darren McFadden drops and drops and drops. There is a possibility he will drop but not to the 12th pick. We can’t help but wish it would. if he would drop to our pick we would have to choose him. I mean we need a RB but if he is available we would choose him. This is the perfect mix of need and talent. 

The Raiders trade picks with us. I am not totally sure why this would happen but in the first round this would rock. We could again get Darren McFadden of maybe Glenn Dorsey or some other star. This will not happen but how cool would it be?

We trade for Jason Taylor. There is no need for this but it would be great if we had him on our team. Just think of it. Taylor, Dumervil, Robertson. This would be an all star line. Though we will not trade for him and the price would to be high. Besides who needs a dancer on their line?

If Ryan Clady dropped to the second round if we passed on him. Now that would be great.


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