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My Final Denver Bronco Draft Predictions

April 25, 2008

Here they are!!!!!

#12. Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State. And my final answer is… The best OT available now after Jake Long being pre-drafted. (If that is a phrase :)). But The truth of the matter is that Ryan Clady is great and will be a success in the NFL. He will be the next Matt Lepsis and we couldn’t ask for a better player available. If we don’t pick him up, it will be Chris Williams.

#42. Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers. We need a running back and Rice would be hard to pass on. He would probably be the best available at this point and could be our feature back. He would probably compete with our “starting” RB Travis Henry and will win without steroids. He would be a great pick up.

#108. Jonathan Goff, MLB, Vanderbilt. Another Vanderbilt alumni will come to the Broncos with a lot of talent. Goff is a great player and a great teammate who has shown potential. He could be a top pick but does not have the most natural athleticism and has trouble making open field tackles. But he could compete with Niko Koutovides for a starting position.

#119. Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame. I LOVE ME SOME Notre Dame alumni and maybe I am just doing this because I love him on our team but it makes sense. We need a kick returner. He is one of the top 10 in the draft. We need a young safety. HELLO! And we need strength. He is a pro boxer for Pete’s sake! I am back on my Zbikowski kick and I pray to the heavens we pick him up!

#139. Trae Williams, CB, South Florida. The Broncos and every other site on the web say the Broncos need a cornerback. I completely disagree! But I am going to play the Devils advocate here and choose Trae Williams who seems to fit what we need at the position. He has good bulk and is pretty strong. I like him with us and he could be a steal in the late rounds. Though I do not think that we should draft a cornerback we might have to. 

#148. Ahtyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State. This guy just looks like a DT, and to me that is a good sign. He has a talent for holding multiple blockers at a time and can add some depth to our line. 

#183. Art Carmody, K, Louisville. This is the only player from my last draft predictions besides Ryan Clady that has stayed so far. He handles pressure very well and makes great kicks. His accuracy is some of the best out there right now. He can’t kick off though. But nor could Jason Elam so it isn’t that much of a necessity. 

#220. Paul Hubbard, WR, Wisconsin. At this point we are running out of positions of need and so we move to a former position of need just to add some more depth. Hubbard is a bit of an underachiever and has no chance to compete for a starting job but still might help us on Special Teams. Maybe.

#227. Johnny Dingle, DE, West Virginia. Why not? He could maybe play for a spot on the team during training camp and with the late round success we have had over the years it might be worth a shot. We have had Selvin Young become a future star who was not even draft so lets give it a shot. By the way the chances of me being right about this are about 1 to 5%. Don’t put any money on this. You might have to shoot me. 

Anyway I have enjoyed all the pre-draft preparations I have shared with you guys and I am excited for tomorrow. The draft is great and be sure you watch it. 

Note: There is a possibility I will be gone for a bit of the draft tomorrow but will be live on Sunday!


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