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(Bronco Madness Examines) Best AFC West QB Arm Accuracy

April 22, 2008

We continue our series of who is the best AFC West QB with our next category. Accuracy.

Jay Cutler: He is very accurate and is becoming more adjusted to this ever game. Cutler has shown more than one time immaturity in this category but improving. B

JaMarcus Russell:There isn’t much proof surrounding him in the pros but so far what he has shown has been great. He is very accurate and is great under pressure. If he is anything like he was in college in this category he will be one of the leagues best. A

Phillip Rivers: He is not the best but still very good. He is a bit better than Jay Cutler but over 4 years he should have adjusted quicker. Not amazing but good. B+

Brodie Croyle: Again he is at the bottom of the pack. I don’t think he is bad but he is not the best. He definitely is maybe the most immature QB in the league at this position. It will take a lot of work to become elite at this. C+

Best AFC West QB Accuracy: JaMarcus Russell



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