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(Bronco Madness Examines) Best AFC West QB Arm Strength

April 20, 2008

This is our first article in a new category of Bronco Madness Examinations where I review a team, a player, two players, two teams, or whatever we think we need to examine. But when the Denver Post published an article on Phillip Rivers being the best QB in the AFC West I had to compare Cutler and Rivers and Russell and Croyle. So here we have multiple categories on each player and who is the best at what.

Arm Strength:

  • Jay Cutler is great in this category. He has been called one of the best gun slingers in the league and he does in fact have a killer arm. This is one of his stronger traits. A
  • JaMarcus Russell has just like the others a great arm but is not the best. He can work on it and could have one of the best in the league eventually but for now is not the best. B
  • Phillip Rivers has a great arm and is considered a gun slinger. He has a lot of skill when it comes to this trait and is just as good as Cutler. A
  • Brodie Croyle has no standing power and is the worst in the division at this. He has potential but is not the best at this trait. C+
  • Division Leader: Tie; Jay Cutler and Phillip Rivers
More Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Red Miller permalink
    April 20, 2008 4:00 PM

    I’m not sure about Brodie. He has a bit bigger arm then what you are implying.

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