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Physicals Do Help

April 16, 2008

Some people out there do not understand the importance of physicals in the NFL. They think that if you have a good player physicals do not matter. You should get the player anyway. Well after todays signing of Darrell Jackson I declare you all wrong.

WR Darrell Jackson might not be a Bronco today if it was not for a physical which he passed of course. He had a history of injuries and a lack of a connection with the 49ers QBs. Jackson did not want to be on a team where any QB could be the starter at any random time so he was released and since had been looking for a job.

But the Broncos ended that hunt. After having deep discussions with Jackson they took him in for a physical which he passed. The Broncos decided that they could put him on a team like ours and quickly snapped him up.

Jackson spent most of his past 8 years playing with the Seahawks including a NFC championship in 2006. He ended up with three 100 yard seasons and was one of the best WRs in the NFC.

Though he was traded for a fourth round pick a year ago to the San Francisco 49ers. 


Now he is among multiple Wide Receivers all with starting potential including starter Brandon Marshall, Brandon Stokley and new comers Keary Colbert, and Sammie Parker.

They will be competing to play along side Marshall for the second starting job. So strength in numbers will be next years WR story. 


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