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Pre-Draft Broncos Review

April 12, 2008

The Broncos and every other NFL team is closing in on Draft Day weekend (my favorite Holiday season). So it is only appropriate that we review that we review the state of the Broncos before the NFL draft.


Let us begin with QB. Come on people let’s face it, we are not going to do anything with this position. Jay Cutler is definitely the QB of the future. It has gotten to the point where writer Mike Silver put him as the 10th pick in the Ultimate Mock Draft.

So you would be insane to make a move in the draft around this position unless it is a 7th round 3rd stringer.



On the running back side of things we are okay but are not great. We have a lot young talent in Andre Hall, and Selvin Young. We also have veteran experience in Travis Henry. (Too bad that experience can’t play without steroids). Selvin Young should start next season and believe it or not had the 3rd most rookie rushing yards.

Though this could be in fact a first round pick. It is not likely but a player like Jonathan Stewart we might pick up at the 12th pick. I would not suggest this but it could happen.



We should be better with the addition of Keary Colbert but after losing Javon Walker and Brandon Marshalls’ injury we might want to put first or second round focus for this pick. Brandon Stokely and Keary Colbert are good to back up Marshall but we might want something more.

There is a chance Ryan Clady will not be available and if so we should make this our first priority. Desean Jackson is my favorite if we use this pick on a WR. He will not only solve that problem but we will have a Devin Hester like kick returner.



Old and pathetic. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but we are so weak at this position with out Matt Lepsis even if we did sign Casey Wiegmann. LT is the biggest concern and we are desperate to protect Jay Cutler’s blindside.

We want Ryan Clady terribly and there is not a reason in the world why we should not spick him if he is available. He is the best choice for us and we would be grateful to have him improve this O-line drastically. This is the weakest position on the team by far.



This position is not in as bad shape as the media has presented it as. We definitely need better run blockers and this should be solved somewhere on Day 1 of the draft. Elvis Dumervil is the only real star player we have on the line. But we need run blockers and he more of a pass rusher. He is also very small.

DT is the most desperate of all the positions. If a player like Glenn Dorsey or more likely Sedrick Ellis drops we should try to pick them up. But that would be very unlikely. I think we need to somehow solve this problem. NOTE: A trade for Dewayne Robertson may still take place.



This is the most improved position that we have focused on in free agency, picking up both Niko Koutovides and Boss Bailey. While moving D.J Williams to the outside we still might want a little something more here but it should not be in the first round.

Many Mock Drafts had Keith Rivers going to the Broncos but they are all crazy. We do not need a player like Rivers in the first round. Why would we have spent all that money on free agent signings.
This could make sense as a second day pick.



This is our strongest position of all and we have no reason to mess with it during the draft. Dre’ Bly and Champ Bailey are still some of the best CBs in the league and form one of the best CB teams in the NFL. We even have Domonique Foxworth backing them up who is still very good. I like this position a lot.

The biggest move we might make is a late round pick.



The future is the reason we might make some moves in the draft with this position. This will be John Lynch’s last year and we should make a move with a fourth round pick maybe. It is overall pretty good but not amazing.

Kenny Phillips is the only player we should consider in the first round. But with Marlon McCree coming to town, that would just be stupid.


  1. Red Miller permalink
    April 13, 2008 1:54 PM

    You are right on with these rankings.

  2. raiderhater permalink
    April 15, 2008 6:13 AM

    Id say the linbacking corp is improved but how do we know. as for run blockers yes we need them but they play on the o line we need run stuffers for the d line. Dont be so quick to dismiss the broncos need of a big time tailback this offense has struggled to run the ball consistently for two years now. Not that i can argue with Desean Jackson touching the ball 5-6 times a game on kick and punt returns, dude is electric. Go Broncos and F#*k Phillip Rivers

  3. April 15, 2008 6:24 AM

    Good points but I still think that the RB team needs to be seriously tested a second year before we think it is time to go out there and take one in the 1st round. Especially Selvin Young.

    Thanks for the input and keep on visiting the site.

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