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Elway Surprised by Cutler’s Comments

April 9, 2008

John Elway respects QB Jay Cutler as the next QB to grace the Broncos throne. There is no doubt about that but he was still surprised by the comments Cutler made this week about Brandon Marshalls arm injury.

“I was surprised to hear it, actually,” Elway said Wednesday. “If that’s what Jay feels like he needs to comment on then he needs to do that. I mean, personally, I would have done it to (Marshall). To me, as teammates — even though I’ve tried to settle things in the press, looking back over the years, it’s not been the right way to do it.”

Cutler made comments on the wrestling that took place between Marshall and his brother. It caused Brandon Marshall to be injured.

His cast was removed a few days ago.

“He’s not my favorite person right now,” Cutler joked about Marshall. “I support him, but it’s always something with him right now and you can’t have that. It’s disappointing.”

Many people took this as a sign that Jay Cutler is finally stepping up as the leader of the Broncos despite his 9-12 record with them.

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