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My Full Broncos Draft Predictions

March 27, 2008

I recently published an article about who I thought we would pick on day one. Now I have updated it and combined it with day 2.

1. Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State. Overall most people are thinking twice of putting him as our pick now. But I feel he is still going to drop to the Broncos pick.

2. Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida. I am probably wrong here and I am proud to admit that. But I feel that he may drop this far in the draft and though that is like I said before, crazy. He will really help our teams Run-D.

4. Cornelius Brown, S, Missouri. At this time he will be the best available safety. Although we may have signed two safeties in free agency there is no reason why you shouldn’t prepare for the future.

*4. Trade. We got it in a trade and we should use it to trade up to the 3rd round.

*5. Marcus Smith, WR, New Mexico. If we do not pick a WR up earlier in the draft Marcus Smith will be a nice fit for our style offense.

5. Tony Temple, RB, Missouri. We need some depth at the running position and Temple would be a great pick. In my eyes he is a steal after his record breaking Cotton Bowl.

6. Art Carmody, K, Louisville. With Olindo Mare deciding to go with the Seahawks we are left with a void at kicker. (Matt Prater is considered a void). So we need to fill that void with the best kicker available.

*6. Trade. Use it again to trade up to the 3rd round.

7. Jameel McClain, LB, Syracuse. His problems are actually not with the run. So he could be a good late round choice.

  1. cary permalink
    March 31, 2008 5:36 PM

    What a bunch of morons!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do you realize you have the LEADING punter in the states in 2002-in prater
    Do you realize he led the league in kickoffs-before Atlanta, ala Bobby Petrino and crew cut him, after they changed his kicking techniques on field goals???
    Do you realize he’s 7/8 in pre season-with some bombs
    Do you realize in Miami he got NO REPS in practices or games-was thrown into Atlanta with 3 days of practice, and the worst long snapper in the league
    Give him a chance, and support and you will have a good one

    p.s. your special teams coach scouted and signed him in Atlanta-he knows he has the potential, just like Elam does

  2. March 31, 2008 7:42 PM

    Do you realize, that half of your info is incorrect?

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