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Last One Standing

March 26, 2008

Jason Elam. No. Rod Smith. Not really. Matt Lepsis. Sorry. There is now only one remaining Denver Bronco from our championship team of ’97 and of course ’98. His name is Tom Nalen and he is the last player we have seen since.

Actually Nalen just got back from vacation in Orlando like Brandon Marshall. He avoided all McDonalds bags and television sets.

Nalen a popular center missed half of his 2007 season with a serious arm injury. Though he claims he is back and ready to start. He will have to compete with Casey Wiegmann this year who was recently signed by the Broncos.

“I don’t sit around with my feet up going, ‘Yeah, I outlasted everyone,” He joked about to the Rocky Mountain News.

But he should know that he has the right to.


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