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Madden 09, Denver Broncos, The Madden Curse, and more

March 22, 2008

When ever I bring up Madden on this site I feel like a fool. But the best way to get across what I am wondering is Madden. Madden ’09 will becoming out soon (okay not that soon) but they will be at least announcing the cover boy soon. Pray it is not a Bronco with the Madden Curse and all. So I have given you a Madden preview.

Here are the rumored cover boy finalists going around.

-Eli Manning
-Brett Favre (Even Though He Is Retired)
-Tom Brady
-Adrian Peterson
-Devin Hester

But anyway the reason I brought Madden up was to answer a question. Who will be the Denver Broncos with a rating of 90 and up? So this week I have devised a list of the ratings for every single starter. It took a long time so I hope you appreciate it.

-QB Jay Cutler 89
-HB Selvin Young 84
-HB Travis Henry 84
-FB Cecil Sapp 74
-WR Brandon Marshall 93
-WR Keary Colbert 85
-WR Brandon Stokley 82
-TE Tony Scheffler 84
-LT Ryan Harris 81
-LG Chris Kuper 79
-C Casey Wiegmann 86
-RG Motrae Holland 82
-RT Eric Pears 78

-LE John Engelberger 82
-RE Elvis Dumervil 88
-DT Marcus Thomas 84
-MLB Niko Koutovides 83
-LOLB D.J Williams 93
-ROLB Boss Bailey 86
-CB Champ Bailey 98
-CB Dre’ Bly 91
-FS John Lynch 93
-SS Marlon McCree 87

-K Matt Prater 72
-P Paul Ernster 76

Five 90 and up players isn’t that great but it is still decent. We are glad to have given you this little review of the roster in Madden form and we will se you guys later on the site. If you have any other opinions feel free to post them.

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