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Shanahan To Go?

March 11, 2008

Don’t let that title freak you out. Mike Shanahan and the Broncos have not said anything about his leave. But I feel that there is a waft of air floating in to Pat Bowlen’s office saying that it won’t be long before good ol’ Shanny may have to leave.

To explain my thoughts I must first take a time warp back to the classic adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island. In this book the main character Jim Hawkins has crazy thoughts which end up saving his, the doctors, and Squire Trelawneys lives. He refers to these as his mad notions. So the I am building a metaphorical bridge between this article and these “mad notions”.

I am not saying that these thoughts will save anyones life or in this case our record but I need to explain you the facts in this crazy argument.

His contract is set to expire in 2011. This is important because if we have not improved and are staying with an even record of 8-8 or somewhere around that we will want a new coach.

Notice that this is set in Jay Cutler’s 6th year. This is how long it took John Elway to get to a Super Bowl who Shanahan coached as well. We are looking to build the franchise around Cutler and Mike Shanahan is a master at coaching QBs to stardom.

He has helped with Joe Montana, John Elway, and took Jake Plummer to his highest potential possible. Are we keeping him around only to rise Jay Cutler to his full potential.

Remember that Shanahan is getting older and if we don’t start winning his time with the Broncs could be up.


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