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That Sums It Up

January 1, 2008
Well our season started with a game won by a Jason Elam field goal so it is only appropriate that it ended with one. Our game with the Vikings was overall pretty good. I thought we couldn’t win it but surprisingly we handled them and Adrian Peterson well. Jay Cutler did a nice job not throwing any interceptions and bounced back from his game with the Chargers.
And this time there was no smack talk. Surprising huh? Selvin Young had a pretty good game but didn’t get a touchdown. (Too Bad). Brandon Marshall as always didn’t disappoint. The truth of the matter is that we are a much better team than our record says we are.
So I think that we will improve next season. So good bye until the end of the playoffs when I will begin blogging on the off season. I wish you all a good 2008 and I will see you soon.

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